Name Change

A rose by any other name smells as sweet, right? We say yes! We have re-branded our company to “Altus Chocolate” from “Cao Artisan Chocolate”.

  1. Same owners, same passionate values, same incredible chocolates. (although we’re always adding a few… so keep in touch!)
  2. Why the change? Due to some complications and confusions with pronunciation (“It’s pronounced ‘ciao’, right?”), the animal (moo-cow), and a company in Miami with a very similar name, we felt it time to have a trademark just for us.
  3. Altus is latin for “high or lofty”. Its the base for the English word altitude. The word signifies our fierce dedication to excellence and quality in ingredients and manufacturing. We make our chocolate from the cacao bean precisely so we can use the world’s best cacao beans (yes, it really does make a difference) and so we can be fanatical about what goes into the chocolate. No fillers. Just pure, real, whole food. We like how using a latin word is a nod to history and our desire to get back to the historical roots of chocolate (such as non-GMO cacao and seeing cacao first as a nutritious food and second as a sweet).
  4. The Altus sparrow signifies soaring to new heights. We’re constantly refining and improving to gain new heights in chocolate excellence and purity.
  5. “Dulcis Altior” is the wording above our sparrow logo roughly translates to “a higher sweet”. And that’s our goal: purity, excellence, and transparency in chocolate making.
  6. Owner Carl came up with the name. He’s pretty proud. We think it’s pretty great, too!